Brain probably is the greatest, yet the most complicated part, of a human body. Yes, it is the strange brain that orders me to check a bunch of crazy cute pug and corgi photos instead of working my ass off for my upcoming deadline.

Maybe, it is the music.

Hours of Kylie Minogue and Daft Punk, and a few of The Strokes won`t take me to the next page. It is definitely not the time for the sweet Nina S. and Ella F. Then my mouse bumps into a folder named Salsabilla.

Wait? What?

Years ago, a religious friend of mine passed me a folder of some random arabian man citing the Holy Book, from the verse 1 to thousands.

It has been awhile since the last time I was thanking, or even whining about anything to, the Big Boss. We lost contact. It was like, we dated for a long time, then, at some point we stopped calling each other. For no reason et all. It seemed we simply stopped thinking of each other. I was not really sure that the Big Boss is still there, or even was ever there.

The brain tells me to try Salsabilla this time. It thinks it may help us rekindling our vague relationship: a relationship solely based on my faith that the Big Guy was always there for me. Nope, it does not work.

And now the strange brain tells me to write it down. It wanted me to write about humans and their complicated life, to begin with. It wanted me to write how troublesome human relationship is. How friendship won`t work when the humans in it have different views on life. Well, it will still work for a while on the shallow level, but it will eventually come to an end, simply because you finally realise that “the thing” was never there from the beginning. You all just have this dry conversation on how fake your life is.

The most epic part is: I am not even sure what “that thing” is.

Well, I don`t even know what in the world I am talking about.

And in the dawn, anything can happen. And I may regret my decision to publish this soon after I click “terbitkan”.

Oooh, look at these cute little puppies.


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